If you have a new puppy, then you want to make sure you are well-prepared for everything that comes with that new puppy. This means making sure you are prepared to deal with housebreaking, have all the supplies you will need, and get on a schedule when it comes to who will care for them and when. Something else that you will need to be ready for is puppy teething. Just like human babies, puppies can also teeth at their own pace, but it generally starts at around four months old. This article will prepare you for everything that comes with having a teething puppy at home.

Be prepared to have them biting everyone in the house

When a puppy is teething, they will have a natural desire to gnaw on everything, and this includes the limbs of yourself and anyone else in the household. While it's perfectly fine for you to do your best to dissuade them from chewing on people, you do not want to punish them. The puppy is not being aggressive; they are simply trying to get relief from their painful gums and trying to help the teeth to break through those gums.

Get them plenty of toys to teeth on

The best way for you to get the puppy to stop chewing on your family and other things like your furniture is to make sure you give them a lot of different toys to chew on. Always make sure they have access to their toys no matter where they are in the house. Some good toys for teething puppies include ones that are made of a hard rubber material. These types of toys will help the puppy to break the teeth through their gums faster, which will help the teething period come to an end faster. If you notice that the puppy's teeth aren't coming in right, then you should have them looked at by a vet at a clinic like Basking Ridge Animal Hospital. This way, they may be able to correct any issues before they get worse.


Along with making sure you take care of your puppy throughout the teething process, you also want to make sure that you stay in close contact with the vet while they are developing. They will need to have a series of vaccinations so they don't catch certain illnesses and diseases. Make sure you keep good records of all of the vaccinations they have had so you can have them on hand if you go to board the puppy at any time. When your puppy is done teething, you also still want them to have toys since they can continue wanting to chew.