Pet owners care deeply about their little animal friends. After all, why bother to put so much care and effort into their lives if they mean so little to you? However, when it comes to knowing what type of animal health services your pet needs outside of just visiting a vet once or twice a year, there is a lot that you probably are not aware of. Not only has veterinary science grown in recent years, but there are now more facilities and professionals working in different areas of animal health care than ever before. Here are three types of animal health services you need to know about.

Pet Dermatology

Your pet's skin can be much more sensitive than your own, and even for common animals like dogs and cats, it is not uncommon for them to develop issues with their skin. If you notice any kind of roughness or dryness, or indeed any other issue with your pet's skin that looks uncomfortable, then you should seek out pet dermatology quickly. Dry skin can be a very painful thing for animals who don't really know what is going on and can lead to them scratching at it and causing themselves to bleed, which is the last thing you want.

Pet Optometry

The issue with pets' eyes is that when they do start to develop issues, such as cataracts, they have no way of communicating this to you. Many pets will, eventually, develop eye issues, which is why it is so important you take them for a semi-regular check-up at an animal health service that offers optometry. The last thing you want is for your pet to be stumbling around, running into things, almost completely blind and scared of their environment. That is not a healthy way to grow old and it can create immense stress.

Pet Geriatric Services

As your pet gets older, more parts of their body will start to show reduced mobility and use than just their eyes. From their hips and creaking bones to their teeth starting to fall out and their gums becoming sore, pets age much like humans, they just hide it better in many cases. Whenever your pet starts to reach the end of its suggested lifespan (and you should check this online or ask your regular vet for how long they should live), you should seriously consider starting to schedule pet geriatric services in addition to your normal vet appointments.