You want the very best for your dog, but sometimes regular veterinary medicine does not seem to be working. It is in times like this where you may want to consider going to a veterinarian that specializes in alternative pet therapies. There are a variety of pet therapies that can be used to help your dog with chronic pain and other problems that can occur in a dog's life. Here are just a few of the different alternative pet therapies that you may want to look at for your dog. 


As your dog ages, bones and joints can get brittle. It is still very important for your dog to get exercise to keep a healthy heart. Your dog needs to be able to work their heart to stay healthy. Often dogs that have undergone a surgery also have a problem moving around. In order to keep your dog active even in a crippled state, you may want to look at taking your dog to get hydrotherapy. This type of therapy has been used for a very long time with dogs in competitive racing. It gives the dog the opportunity to get great cardio, while being very low impact on the joints and the bones of the dog. If your dog has joint or bone problems, hydrotherapy may be just what your dog needs.


A common problem in dogs is arthritis, and the problem can leave a dog crippled in pain. If your dog does suffer from chronic pain that stems from arthritis, you may want to take your dog to a therapist that specializes in acupuncture. Just like in humans, acupuncture for dogs is designed to get your dog's nerves and energy flowing the right way. The needle can stimulate nerves and open up energy that may have been blocked. The needle can also shut specific nerve endings down. Acupuncture is a very good way to help your dog with chronic pain.

Massage Therapy

A common problem in dogs is heart disease. This stems from being overweight or also being stressed. A very good way to keep your dog from stressing is to initiate contact with them. Simply petting and rubbing them helps them produce feel-good chemicals that help dogs stay active and relaxed. However, sometimes simply rubbing and petting your dog down is not enough. There are times when a deep tissue massage might be the best way to stimulate those chemicals to be released.

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