If you have brought home a puppy that's a breed that generally has its ears cropped, then you may be wondering whether or not you should have your puppy's ears cropped. Ultimately, this is a personal decision you will need to make for yourself, but there is plenty of debate on whether or not it should be done. This article will provide you with some information on ear cropping so you can have an easier time deciding whether or not you want to go through will having your puppy's ears cropped.

There is a certain age range ear cropping should be done between.

If you are going to have your puppy's ears cropped, then you want to have it done while they are still less than a few months of age. Otherwise, your puppy will have a harder time healing and the ears may not end up standing as well as they should. If you think you may want your puppy's ears cropped, then you will need to come to a decision quickly before they get any older.

Some breeds are known for having it done for show, work or health reasons.

Some breeds have a show requirement that states the ears need to be cropped. If you plan on showing your dog, then you will need to adhere to the breed standards and have them cropped. Some breeds are working dogs, and having their ears cropped is detrimental to them properly doing their job. There are also some breeds that are known for having extremely long and damp ears which can pose a health risk due to potential infections and other issues.

There is a lot of maintenance with cropped ears.

If you decide to have your puppy's ears cropped, then you need to be ready for all of the work that is involved. If you don't keep up with their ears properly, then they aren't going to stand like they are supposed to. The puppy will need to be taken in to the veterinary office regularly throughout the process for the ears to be re-taped, and you will need to be sure they don't scratch at them, rub them on things, or get them wet.

They can irritate, itch, and hurt your puppy while healing.

Some puppies seem to do fine with ear cropping, while others can have a much harder time getting through the healing process. This is something you really need to consider when deciding whether or not you want to crop your puppy's ears. Make sure you are prepared for a rough healing period in case it turns out that way -- and be sure it's going to be worth it.