As a dog owner, you know just how much you can love your dog. A dog is not just a pet, he or she is a member of the family. This means that you need and want to give your dog the best healthcare possible. You most likely are on track with all of the shots and scheduled healthcare for your dog, but you may want to know when your dog is having a medical emergency. It is important that you know if your dog is having a medical emergency because it could be the difference between a scare and a tragedy. Here are a few different things that you as a dog owner should watch for.


One of the most scary situations that you can go through as a dog owner is if your dog experiences bloat. This is a condition where your dog has a blocked intestine. The blockage can come from actually swallowing something that can't be digested, or simply having the intestine kinked. If this is not taken care of very quickly it can be terminal for the dog. Some of the signs that your dog is experiencing bloat is not being able to pass stool. You may also want to watch if your dog is trying to vomit but is unable to do so. Dogs also will show signs of restlessness, where they may be extremely uncomfortable. 

Eating And Drinking Patterns

You know your dog better than anyone and you know how he or she acts during meals. If you dog can't wait till the next meal then you should be very weary when your dog does not want to eat or drink. No matter how your dog acts when it is meal time, if your dog skips meals for a day, it is time to take him or her to the veterinarian. There can be many problems that have arisen if your dog does not want to eat or drink.


Dogs are incredibly durable animals and they can go through a lot, but it is best to take your dog to the veterinarian if they experience any type of trauma. The problem with dogs is that they do not realize that they are in trouble until it is too late. A dog can deal with pain very well, so if they act tired or breathless after going through a traumatic experience such as falling from a ledge or even a dog fight, take your dog to a veterinarian, such as at Healthy Paws Veterinary Hospital & Housecalls.