Getting a cat spayed can do your kitty a lot of favors beyond preventing pregnancy. Although that's the main purpose, pet spaying can offer many other benefits to your cat's life, and your life as well. If you're still on the fence about getting your cat spayed, read these three bonuses and see if one of them sways you.

Reduction of Cancer Risk

You might not believe it, but cats are susceptible to several forms of cancer. For female cats, this includes breast cancer and uterine cancer. You might be interested to know that spaying your cat drastically decreases the risk of breast cancer and completely removes the risk of uterine cancer.

The risk of uterine cancer is eliminated because the uterus is surgically removed when a cat is spayed. However, the breast cancer risk reduction is due to the hormonal shifts in the body. Excess estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer in animals, and by removing the reproductive organs, estrogen production in the body dramatically decreases. As a result, your kitty will have a much lower risk of certain types of cancer overall.

Fewer Injuries

Male cats are typically known for being the ones who get into fights over who gets to mate. However, the reality is, female cats can easily get injured, too.

When female cats are in heat, they act flirtatiously and don't defend themselves against male cats. Unfortunately, male cats often bite the female cats in the neck. In addition to potentially causing cuts and puncture wounds in the neck and other parts of the body, it can also trigger an infection or spread diseases that transfer through saliva.

By spaying your cat, male cats will no longer show interest in your cat. Therefore, they will be safe from these injuries and complications.

Less Spraying

Lastly, male cats aren't the only ones who mark their territory. Both genders spray a condensed form of urine when they're hormonally active. For female cats, this includes a hormone that encourages male cats to hang around in hope of mating with your cat. Unfortunately, this can stink up your home and get unwanted attention for your cat at the same time.

Thankfully, just spaying your cat will drastically reduce the risk of this happening. Once your cat's hormones settle down, their chances of spraying reduce dramatically.

Spaying can prevent your kitty from getting pregnant, in addition to reducing the risk of these other problems. If you're now convinced that your cat needs to get spayed, talk to a veterinarian today.