You don't have to treat your pet with only traditional methods, you can treat your pet with holistic methods. You can treat your pet's health conditions with acupuncture, massage and even herbal remedies. Before you treat your pet with most holistic methods, it is important to find a board-licenses veterinary training in holistic method, avoid self-treating your pet, and learn how you can help your pet with their holistic treatment.

#1 Always Work with A Licensed Professional

If you want to treat your pet with most holistic methods, make sure that you are working with a a licensed professional. If you want to treat your pet with acupuncture or herbs, find a certified board-licenses veterinary herbalist or acupuncturist. State veterinary boards recognize alternative methods of treating animals, such as with acupuncture, herbs and massage, and regulates those professions. Any holistic vet you visit should also be a licensed veterinarian.

Do not take your pet to someone who is practicing medicine without a certified board-license. That individual will not have undergone the vigorous veterinary training required to keep your pet safe.

#2 Do Not Try To Self-Treat Without Assistance

Do not try to self-treat your pet with holistic methods. You should treat your pet with holistic methods under the care of a board-licenses veterinary. They can monitor your pet's health and ensure that all holistic methods are followed in a way that will benefit and not harm your dog.

This is especially true with herbal medications. Just because they are made of herbs doesn't mean that they are safe for your pet. There are certain herbs that may be harmful to your pet, and even health herbs can be harmful in too large of a dose. All herbal medication should be looked over by a trained herbalist.

#3 Learn Ways To Help Your Pet

However, you can learn ways to help your pet with holistic methods. Talk to your vet about massages you can do to help your pet heal. Find out if there are particular foods or activities that have holistic benefits for your pet's particular condition. Work with your vet or a pet hospital to figure out holistic ways you can help your pet get better at home.

When treating your pet with holistic methods, always work with a certified veterinarian. Do not try to treat your pet yourself; instead, work together with your veterinarian to implement specific holistic treatments to help your pet out with whatever condition(s) they suffer from.